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about me

Since launching my career in Airbnb's Photo Department, I've collaborated with global clients and brands to deliver impactful visual content. I have over six years of experience, and my expertise spans from Photo Editing, Production, Storytelling, and Short-Form Video Content to Art Direction, Brand Design, and Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Highlights of my career include:

  • Cultivating a TikTok presence with an impressive 16.3k followers, leading to numerous brand collaborations.

  • Showcasing my Interior Design and Photography by being featured in Apartment Therapy, a Webby Award-winning brand with a monthly global audience of 22MM.

  • Directing and executing the visual branding for James Beard Semi-Finalist, Chef Carrie Baird’s Fox, and The Hen brunch restaurant.

Current Work Experience

September 2023 - Present

Art Director: Photo & Video


As the Art Director, my role encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities that are vital to enhancing our brand's digital presence and visual storytelling. I consistently analyze social media metrics to fine-tune our digital strategy, while my skills in process engineering and interior design allows me to craft high-quality, engaging content and visually captivating images for social and wbe. Leading the storyboard development for social reels, I work with a talented team of designers, motion designers, and copywriters to produce unified and compelling content. This year my role is further expanding into influencer marketing, photo production,  photo and video style guides, and continuing to developing our visual brand identity.

January 2023 - August 2023

Social Media Manager and Content Creator

The Culinary Creative Group

Manage 26 accounts across Instagram and Facebook for various food and beverage establishments while skillfully capturing high-quality photos and videos of dishes, drinks, staff, and special events. Organize and strategize social media content, produce and shoot brand and website content, report on analytics, and maintain a strong presence on platforms like Google My Business and TikTok.

January 2022 - Present

Marketplace and Experiences Photographer and Content Creator


Collaborate with a multidisciplinary in-house creative team, including storytellers, designers, filmmakers, and photo art directors, to design and develop engaging content across all channels. Spearhead the creative direction, scheduling, casting, scripting, and editing of Denver Airbnb Experiences videos, resulting in a consistent 22-31% increase in bookings for hosts through the delivery of high-quality visuals and compelling narratives.

September 2021 - Present

Photographer and Content Creator

Apartment Therapy Media 

Produce visually compelling and high-quality images for various articles, features, and social media platforms. Collaborate closely with the editorial team, interior designers, and homeowners to capture the essence of various living spaces, showcasing inspiring interior design ideas and trends. 

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